Sexiest Female Athletes

8. Amber Hill

Instagram: @AmberJohill
Sports: Shooting
Tim: United Kingdom
What to look for: her shooting shot

9. Cassidy Cook
Leryn Franco
Instagram: @ kassidycook13
Sports: Diving
Tim: United States
What to Look for: A starstruck moment with beautiful bridesmaid memories, cheeky bikini bangs and Charles Hunnam.

10. SuShanna Zakabos

Instagram: @zsuzsubell
Sports: Swimming
Tim: Hungary
What to look for: selfies

11. Aly Raisman

Instagram: @alyraisman
Sports: Gymnastics
Tim: United States
You will find: top knots, fan re-release and patriotic shoes.

12. Natasha Hastings

Instagram: @natashahastings
Sports: Athletics
Tim: United States
You'll find: a stylish gym, fun fashion moments and fashionable hairstyles.

13. Aliyam Mustafina

Instagram: @ musaliya135
Sports: Gymnastics
Team: Russia
What to look for: Passionate self, hoverboards and cracks.

14. Hope Solo (hottest female soccer player)

Instagram: @hopesolo
Sports: Football
Tim: United States
Things to look for: Practice sugar cane, goalkeeper tips and sweet foods.

15. Ana Ivanovic (cute tennis player)

Instagram: @anaivanovic
Sports: Tennis
Tim: Serbia
What to Look for: Sultry Self

Ali Kryger

Instagram: @ akrieger11
Sports: Football
Tim: United States
What to Look for: Snapchat filter, cherry and yoga postures.

17. Darya Klishina (sexy Russian Olympic athlete)

Instagram: @dariaklishina
Sports: Athletics
Team: Russia
What to Look for: Bikini Photos
Sexiest Female Athletes